About cookies

What are cookies? Cookies are small files of text with information that is stored on your computer when you visit a website (this includes tablets and smartphones with a working internet connection). Cookies are used to make websites work more smoothly but also to give some information to the owner of the website. Cookies make it possible to separate users from each other, which in turn can provide each user with a better experience on the website. Most browsers have a standard setting that accepts the usage of cookies. You may change these settings to that you as a user will be warned as soon as a cookie is sent to your computer or create a rule that will block cookies. You can also choose to delete all cookies that are saved on your computer. Deny cookies If you don’t want to accept cookies you can choose to automatically deny cookies in your browser, or to be informed each time a website asks to store a cookie. You may also delete old cookies in in your browser. See your browsers help-page for more information. This may lead to some functions on the website not working properly.