This is always done during a service at a Volvo Penta authorized workshop

  • Checkup of serial number in the Volvo Penta database.
  • If your driveline is affected by a campaign, this will be carried out.
  • If there are production improvements, you will be informed and be provided with a price estimate of the cost.
  • The engines with EVC systems, the Vodia diagnosis tool will be connected to the engine’s control system to check the status and possible error codes. At the same time, the software will be updated with the latest version of the existing EVC generation.
  • Based on the age of the engine, operating hours and last completed service, components and fluids will be replaced according to Volvo Penta’s service schedule.
  • Optical inspection of serval components such as hoses, cables, contacts and grommets.
  • When replacing components and fluids, genuine Volvo Penta parts will always be used.
  • All replacements and checks are documented in a service protocol which will be handed over to you.
  • If, in connection with a service, defects are detected that affect the function of the engine and its reliability, we will inform you of these and recommend measures to rectify the defects together with price information.
  • When you leave the marina after a completed service, you can rest assured that the workshop has ensured driveline functionality and reliability to the greatest extent possible.
  • As additional security, when you use an authorized workshop, you will be given an extended warranty on the genuine Volvo Penta parts installed by the workshop.
  • The warranty is valid for 24 months or 600 operating hours, whichever is the sooner. Call-out and delivery charges are not covered by the warranty.

Any action when troubleshooting or updating software may incur a cost. Talk to your dealer for more information.